Test Proctoring


Only adult MPLD patrons with a valid MPLD library card may utilize this service. On the day of the test you must bring your MPLD library card and picture ID.


Adults who are enrolled in a course that requires them to have a proctored test taken may contact the Adult Services Department Manager at 815-385-0036 to schedule an appointment.


Tests are proctored by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled at least one week prior to the test date. Tests will be scheduled according to the availability of staff.


The tests are taken at one of the Adult Services Distance Learning Computers adjacent to the Public Services Desk.


The patron is responsible for making the appointment and submitting all materials one week prior to the test. It is the patron's responsibility to insure that all the materials are received prior to the test. It is the patrons' responsibility to insure in advance that the MPLD technology is compatible with the test requirements. If it is not, then it is possible that the test may not be taken as scheduled. The MPLD does not guarantee that the software necessary to take the test is available at the MPLD. Software will not be installed to suit the needs of an individual test taker.

Regarding the Test Results

The test results may be faxed for free, but you must provide a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope if you are required to return the test via regular mail.